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Wilson W. Whitty
Excellence in Education

Wilson W. Whitty Way is the official name of the road leading to North Attleboro High School. The honor serves as a fitting tribute to Wilson W. Whitty, who served as Principal from 1981 to 2001. His authoritative presence and leadership, more than anything, truly defined his 20-year tenure and shaped every aspect of the school culture. Wilson demanded respect and attention from everyone in the school community, and seized every opportunity to communicate his values of respect, loyalty, discipline, achievement and accountability. His values became the school’s values, and North Attleboro remains one of the most respected schools due to his influence.

After graduating from Foxboro High School in 1964 and Boston University in 1968, Wilson played briefly for the Dallas Cowboys. He then transitioned to a career in education, teaching English at Montague Junior High School for one year and earning his Master’s Degree from Lehigh University. For the next eight years, Wilson taught English and Physical Education and served as Assistant Principal at Foxboro High School. Then, in 1981, he accepted the position of North Attleboro High School Principal – a role that forever changed his life and the dynamics of the high school.

From day one, Wilson ran a “tight ship” and developed a culture that valued high expectations for students – academically and behaviorally. When Mr. Whitty spoke, people listened. When he remained stoic and silent, that spoke volumes, too. He made his presence known when he stood in the senior hallway, took his morning walk around the building, or addressed the school community in any forum. His approach and his attention to detail made for a safe, supportive high school, which students, teachers and parents appreciated.

His teachers remember him as being firm and decisive, honest and supportive, especially when resolving conflicts in his office. Wilson made a tremendous commitment to the school and its values, and always provided students and staff the opportunity to show the same commitment. He once spoke at a graduation about each person’s “moral compass.” Wilson was passionate about this topic because he wanted his staff and North graduates to be good people who did the right thing, the right way – especially during tough times. He built his legacy on this principle, and we now honor him for making it the very fabric of North Attleboro High School.

Mr. Whitty is enjoying his retirement in Lancaster, MA with his wife and former Martin School teacher, Phyllis.