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William C. Kummer
Excellence in Education

In his 35-year career as a North Attleboro educator, William C. Kummer positively impacted the lives of thousands of children and left a legacy of involvement and caring that is a hallmark of the North Attleboro school system.

After graduating from Taunton High School in 1948, Mr. Kummer attended Wagner College, where he earned his Bachelor's Degree in Biology and Psychology in 1952. He then enlisted in the U. S. Army and served as a Staff Sergeant/Psychologist at the Aberdeen Proving Grounds in Maryland from 1952-1953.

Mr. Kummer's career in public education began in 1954 when he accepted a position as a 7th and 8th grade math and science teacher in the Plainville school system. He also coached the Plainville High School Boys Basketball team from 1954-1955 before joining the North Attleboro school system as an NAHS science teacher in 1956.

While at North Attleboro HS, Mr. Kummer impacted students in a number of areas and instilled in them a desire to excel and take pride in their accomplishments. He was a well-respected teacher of Biology and Psychology who quickly earned the reputation of a demanding and compassionate taskmaster who was concerned for the welfare of all his students in all his classes.

"Big Bill" Kummer, the football coach, was revered by his players. "His optimistic and upbeat attitude made an immediate impression," notes Dr. Laurie "Wink" MacDonald, a sophomore member of Kummer’s first varsity team. "Coach Kummer taught us lessons that went far beyond the playing field." Bob Guthrie (’61) agrees. He remembers Mr. Kummer as "the guy everybody admired; he took care of his people." Guthrie especially remembers how Coach Kummer mentored himself and teammate Raymond Beaupre (’61). Beaupre agrees, calling Mr. Kummer "the most respected coach. He had the ability to make everybody, including the linemen, feel important." In appreciation for his genuine affection for his students, the classes of 1960 and 1963 dedicated their yearbooks to Mr. Kummer.

Mr. Kummer's responsibilities expanded beyond the classroom and playing field to include Guidance Department Head, Athletic Director and Driver Training Instructor under High School Principal Lou Kelley. Later, Mr. Kummer advanced to the position of School Psychologist and was very proud of having interviewed almost every incoming North Attleboro kindergarten student in a generation.

Mr. Kummer took great pride and satisfaction in the accomplishments of his former students. According to Mr. Kummer's sons, "Big Bill" was especially proud of Ray Beaupre, Bob Guthrie, Judy Cobb, Kevin Poirier, Mike Gould and many others who have guided the success of North Attleboro through the 1980s, 1990s and beyond.

Mr. Kummer passed away in 1997, but the Kummer legacy is alive and well in North Attleboro today. Seven of Mr. Kummer and his wife of 43 years, Theresa's, children are NAHS graduates (William '75, Michael '76, Kathryn '77, Kristina '80, Kyle '81, Suzanne '82 and Kurt '84). In addition, William is a current member of the School Committee, Kyle is Director of Buildings and Grounds for the district, and Kurt is the Athletic Director at NAHS.